The Meta Mood Ambassador Program is a haven for the fearless souls eager to transcend the ordinary, embracing a life that thrills and invigorates. This tight-knit cohort is composed of spirited individuals whose enthusiasm for health and fitness is paralleled only by their unwavering dedication to impart their wisdom to the surrounding community.

Nourish your fitness, nurture their dreams

Becoming a Meta Mood Ambassador gives you a chance to build lifelong and meaningful connections. Choose from our range of supplements that cater to every fitness & wellness goal and be rewarded for each sale you drive home

If this made you jump out of a chair and scream “that’s me”, we want to hear from you!


  • Social collabs

    Opportunity to collaborate on social campaigns, participate in new product launches & feature in front of our audience

  • Exclusive rewards

    Store credit, gift cards, discounts, free supps and ambassador of the month gift packs.

  • Commisions

    10% base commission on all orders with additional incentives on different product categories

  • Sneak peaks

    Includes early access to promos & ambassador only sales

  • Access to creatives

    Shared creatives and graphics so you are set up for success

  • Dedicated Ambassador Manager

    To help you understand how to grow your following, get the most out of the program and progress at an individual level

How does it work?

  • Apply

    Complete a simple form about yourself and wait 2-3 days for an outcome

  • Promote & participate

    Promote using your personalized discount code and keep an eye out for ongoing campaigns

  • Get rewarded

    Get rewarded generously for your participation and referrals + score free supps!


Who can become a part of the Meta Mood ambassador program

If you love all things health & fitness, are an athlete, coach or personal trainer and most importantly, LOVE Meta Mood products, we’d love to hear from you.

You must have an active presence on social media, a public profile.

Do I need to have a minimum follower count

Absolutely not! As long as you have a public profile, your content is relevant to the health & fitness industry & you have a passion for creating an impact, you’d be a great fit.

How will I get paid?

Any cash rewards, like commissions or bonuses will be paid on a monthly basis via Paypal. If you don’t have a paypal account, you will have to create one. The minimum payout is $50.

What is expected of me?

a. Understand the Meta Mood mission in entirety and stick to promoting content that aligns with the values. 

b. Regularly check your dashboard for ongoing campaigns to promote Meta Mood on your respective social platforms 

c. Post about Meta Mood at least once a month to stay in the program 

d. Communicate with your respective ambassador manager when necessary 

e. Use our hashtag #metamoodaus and tag the respective social media accounts for a chance to get featured on our pages

f. Ambassadors are expected to like and follow all Meta Mood social media pages and engage with content regularly

What rewards can I receive?

a. Rewards will depend on the time of campaigns or milestones you fulfill. These can range from commissions, bonuses, store credit, freebies, exclusive collabs & discounts!

b. The structure is tiered and upon consistently performing well, you stand a chance to become a Meta Mood sponsored Athlete